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What we do is simple and straightforward. If you need anything clarified, have any questions or wish to set up a face-to-face meeting, email me directly (

Account Setup

Account Setup

One-time set-up of a Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Network account.

$100 one-time fee. (+GST)

We will create it, make it look and feel how you want & hand the reigns over to you.
Includes customization of account & features. We walk you through everything we need, you provide the content. We set it up!
Does not include any graphic design. All associated media must be provided by client. We will explain sizes, specs, etc. We are also happy to speak directly with graphic designers.

Marketing & Consultation

Marketing & Consultation

Once you’re working with Socialbaz, we are your marketing team.

Priceless (& Included)

Have questions about LinkedIn? Need help using your blog? Want to devise a strategy for your Instagram? We can help.
A totally catered aspect of your service – no two clients receive the exact same treatment. We’ve been known to go to great lengths for our clients.
This service is not available for sale. It is an added benefit of subscribing to one or both of the monthly services listed below.

Twitter Management

Twitter Management

Total Twitter Account Operation (aka tweets, retweets, @mentions)

$400 per month

Strategic relevance in messaging
Cover photo, display pic & wallpaper branding
140+ Tweets per Month
Total Engagement with Followers
Includes account setup (if necessary)

Facebook Management

Facebook Management

Total Facebook Page Operation (aka likes, shares, comments)

$400 per month

Strategically planned messaging
Cover photo & display pic branding
Content creation & mining
Approx 20 posts per month
Total Engagement with people who ‘Like’ us
Includes account setup (if necessary)

Portfolio & Clients

Our "portfolio" is totally open to public critique & scrutiny. I invite you to take a look at, and share your comments on some of our work. These are some of the entities that we represent, and whose marketing channels are maintained on a daily basis by Socialbaz.

Subscribe to the Socialbaz Gazette

The goal of The Socialbaz Gazette is simple and clear, to start meaningful discussions with my readers.

 Everybody reports on what's going on, but nobody ever dissects it. Why not? Due to my role as a Content Marketer, I am confronted with an onslaught of content from a variety of sources on a daily basis, and I'm left with so many questions that I just file away in the back of my mind… 

I want to share these questions with you.

If you're interested, enter your e-mail address and let's just see how it goes.

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None of these people have been paid off for their feedback, I promise. Many thanks to our wonderful clients & friends for the testimonials, recommendations and endless support of the work we do.

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