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Socialbaz is a North Vancouver-based freelance operation specializing in social media and online marketing (I call it modern marketing). Socialbaz is solely owned and operated by Sepy Bazzazi, aka @SepBaz, aka me.

Since late 2011, I have worked directly with small-to-medium-sized local businesses and the hard working individuals that fuel them. Before that, I was the Assistant Marketing Manager in charge of all Social Media Marketing efforts at Earl’s Restaurants’ Corporate HQ for four years. A job that I earned right out of the BCIT Marketing Management program in 2009.

Ironically, for a ‘marketing guy’, I have never advertised Socialbaz’ services. Practically every client that has ever worked with Socialbaz over the last four years (over 80 and counting) has heard of me through word of mouth. The reason business continues moving forward is because the service provided tends to exceed expectation.

I’d rather not start listing all of the skills that I have and all of the social networks and online tools that I’ve used or heard of, because it’s a long list.  I will say a couple things. First, I’m very savvy when it comes to the internet. Second, if your project involves social media or online marketing in some capacity, I am 99% sure I can help you.

When you hire Socialbaz, you are doing 2 things:

1. Adding an intelligent, reliable, & generally awesome professional with 6 years experience in marketing and social media to your team as an hourly contractor, and,

2. kicking off a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with a trusted social media expert in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

Current Availability: Very Limited

Please contact me about your project or business. I am always interested in seeing if I can help out local brands and individuals.

At this time, I am particularly interested in providing service in the form of 1-3 hour social media consultation sessions for individuals or teams. If this sounds interesting and beneficial to you, Email me.

I have reached my maximum capacity in terms of full-time clients. These are the businesses and individuals to whom I owe the majority of my bandwidth. Only smaller projects and some potential short-term projects can be accepted (unfortunately!). When more hours become available, I will post the update here and on the Socialbaz Facebook Page.

Feel free to run your project by me via Email and I will let you know if and how I can assist. Sorry for any inconvenience.


“Had a great consultation with Sepy, today. He is extremely knowledgeable and and full of great ideas. I now have a clear marketing plan that I’m sure will take my business to the next level. I highly recommend his services.”

Milad Bahrami, Port Moody Tae Kwon Do

“I have recently started my business venture and Socialbaz has been an enormous help. He helped me with branding, set up my business email, and currently putting together my website. He responded to all of my requests in a timely manner. His creativity and attention to detail is on point. Thank you for everything!”

Shayan Vaghayenegar, Athletica Performance

“Sepy is honest, authentic and a real breath of fresh air in the marketing world as he never shy’s away from telling his clients the truth in a language that they understand.
If your company/brand is seeking an honest, reliable and tenacious social media specialist, Sepy is definitely the one for you.”

Ruby Fremon, Transformational Life Coach

“Anybody who knows me well knows that I’m not easily impressed. Socialbaz truly impressed me not only with the quality of work but also with the quality of work ethic from Sepy. I can honestly say that my business would not be where it is today without Sepy. He truly goes above & beyond what is required. I highly recommend working with Socialbaz; he’ll take your social media and marketing to the next level.”

Darrin Moreira, Moreira Performance Training

“Sepy, quite simply, is a rockstar. It’s rare to find someone with the talent, passion and pure drive that he brings to his role. I am constantly amazed by Sepy’s ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the social media revolution, while staying in tune with all things food & beverage in Vancouver and beyond. He is a true model of all I hope to learn and achieve with social media and online marketing – that is, if I can keep up with him at all!”

Amanda Haines, Reformation PR

“Sepy is a leading example of how you embrace social media. I’ve worked with him and watched how he has transformed the relationship of earls with their own customers. He has a loyal following based on how he engages, is real, genuine, and authentic. Throw in a great sense of fun, and you’ve got the perfect social media expert.”

Alice Mathieson, Life & Times Productions

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Full Time Clients

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